The Hocus Focus™ curriculum is a student-centered, multidisciplinary arts-themed teaching approach that incorporates magic tricks into the learning process. It values a holistic philosophy essential to effective educational experiences that are generalizable for children with disabilities.

Each lesson is designed to provide opportunities for students to learn through modeling, coaching, and scaffolding while increasing the complexity of new tasks. Each of the eleven tricks in the curriculum allows students to build on previously learned knowledge. As the tricks become increasingly more difficult, it expands opportunities for creative expression and progress.

The content was developed in collaboration with experts in the fields of education and special education. The activities are fun, exciting, and engaging for students of all ages and levels.

By combining education with imagination, children will improve their abilities in planning, sequencing, organizing tasks and movements, fine motor dexterity, gross motor function, concentration/focus, memory skills, and much more.

If you are looking for ways to motivate your students, then HOCUS FOCUS is just what you are looking for!

The School Edition kit includes:

Teacher’s Manual

  • Introduction and Research
  • Educational Factors
  • Guidelines for the Classroom
  • Evaluation/Assessment Surveys
  • Lesson Plans that include State and/or Common Core Standards Identified (10 Lessons with a Bonus Lesson)

Instructional DVD

  • Introduction for Teachers
  • Introduction for Students
  • Performance and Step-by-step instructions to perform each trick

Supplemental CD

  • Letter to the Parents
  • Student Illustrations for each trick
  • Two versions of the Magician’s Code of Ethics
  • Hocus Focus™ Diploma
  • Wizard’s Academy Chart
  • Evaluation/Assessment Surveys

Magic Supplies

  • Everything you need to get started in your classroom

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• 20% Discount Price (for parents who homeschool their children): $159.95 plus $20.00 shipping (provide coupon code during checkout).



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