School Edition

The School Edition is a comprehensive functional and academic 11-week curriculum available for use in schools and therapy sessions.  The content was developed in collaboration with national experts, teachers, and therapists/clinicians.  Lesson plans are aligned with national standards of learning and can be used as a stand-alone program or integrated with other core curriculum.

Lessons are designed to address the eight areas of neurodevelopmental function using magic tricks to impact all three domains of educational activity – cognitive (mental skills), affective (growth in feelings or emotional areas), and psychomotor (manual dexterity and physical skills).

The School Edition kit includes:

Teacher’s Manual

  • Introduction and Research
  • Educational Factors
  • Guidelines for the Classroom
  • Evaluation/Assessment Surveys
  • Lesson Plans with National Standards of Learning and Common Core State Standards Identified (10 Lessons with a Bonus Lesson)

Instructional DVD

  • Introduction for Teachers
  • Introduction for Students
  • Performance and Step-by-step instructions to perform each trick

Supplemental CD

  • Letter to the Parents
  • Student Illustrations for each trick
  • Two versions of the Magician’s Code of Ethics
  • Hocus Focus™ Diploma
  • Wizard’s Academy Chart
  • Evaluation/Assessment Surveys
    • Rosenberg Self Esteem Scale
    • Hocus Focus™ Self-Efficacy Scale
    • Hocus Focus™ Self-Efficacy Scale Condensed
    • Hocus Focus™ Analysis Scale (used to evaluate students on each trick)

Magic Supplies

  • Everything you need to get started in your classroom

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