For Parents

Empowering your children to feel good about themselves and their accomplishments can increase their motivation to try harder, take more risks, build their self-confidence, and help them develop 21st century skills.

In several recent research projects, teachers who used the Hocus Focus™ program were able to see improvements in a child’s:

  • Ability to follow multi-step directions, concentration, and memory skills.
  • Self-determination skills and self-esteem.
  • Motivation as well as on-task and participation behaviors.
  • Leadership and socialization skills.
  • Positive peer relationships, peer mentoring, and peer collaboration.
  • Positive impact on behavior.

Children are constantly building neural pathways when they play, investigate, figure things out, and seek new sensations.  Learning magic appeals to those inquisitive qualities.  The more they try to see and hear, the stronger those pathways get until activities that were once challenging are done smoothly, efficiently, competently, and with a great deal of satisfaction.

Magic tricks can help your child visualize, to concentrate intensely on HOW things are done.  Learning to perform magic tricks offers a creative and intriguing way to stimulate their senses – touch, sight, and hearing.

One of the most important factors for achieving success for all children is to engage them in the creative process that involves the three ways children learn:  learning by seeing (visual), learning by hearing (aural), and learning by doing (kinesthetic).

Allowing your child to learn simple magic tricks is a powerful way to draw on these three learning principles allowing him/her to learn facts and concepts he/she can see, touch, manipulate, and talk about.


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