Introduction to Hocus Focus

“Every classroom should be a safe, fun place to learn.  The Hocus Focus project helps bring that concept into reality.  It builds confidence and self-esteem.  It allows students to see that success can be achieved through hard work and attention to task.  Every child deserves to feel the confidence and success that comes from applying the Hocus Focus methods.  What this program does for education is truly magical!”

– Special Education Teacher – Broken Arrow, OK

As parents and educators, the most important aspect of our work is to help our children prepare for a bright and challenging future.  But if we don’t also teach them how to deal with life’s difficulties, many simply won’t realize their full potential.  For those students who face additional challenges, our job includes finding strategies to move them into becoming a more competent learner.

One of the most important factors for achieving success for all children is to engage them in the creative process involving the three modalities of learning:

  • Visual – learn by seeing
  • Aural – learn by hearing
  • Kinesthetic – learn by doing

The Hocus Focus™ Project incorporates magic tricks into the learning process. It is a powerful means of drawing on these multiple learning modalities allowing children to learn facts and concepts they can see, touch, manipulate, and talk about.

The Hocus Focus™ activities combine education and imagination to help children improve their abilities in planning, sequencing, organizing tasks and movements, fine motor skills, gross motor function/coordination, concentration, memory skills, communication, social behaviors, and so much more!

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