Student Interactive Activities


Interactive classroom activities are the core of Hocus Focus™ when you engage Spencer as a visiting teaching artist in your school or district.

Kevin will visit special education and inclusive classrooms (upper elementary, middle and lower secondary levels) for 50-minute interactive sessions allowing him to make 6-7 classroom visits each day. Students will learn one or two simple magic tricks designed to improve cognitive, motor, communication, and social skills while developing creativity. Students are taught simple tricks and given the opportunity to perform in front of their peers as an exercise in creativity, problem-solving, and critical thinking. And each magic trick can be aligned with State and Common Core Standards of Learning.

The learning of magic tricks is an excellent way to address attention, language, planning, sequencing, organizing tasks and movements, fine motor skills, gross motor function/coordination, concentration, memory skills, and much more! The utilization of magic tricks may also offer unique and unequaled potential for both academic and personal/social development in a variety of classroom settings.

“Our students with behavior disorders have a very hard time with frustration tolerance and task follow-through. I can see this being an enjoyable time where they are perfecting these skills without knowing it. We need to constantly find ways to reach our students and I appreciate the work you have done that gives us another tool in our belt. I have some students who definitely enjoy excessive attention. This gives them a way to get that attention appropriately, and, hopefully, become self sufficient so that they can feel good about themselves without the excessive external affirmation from others.”

-Kathy L. McClung, Teacher of Behavior Disorders, AEA 267-Bremwood, IA


“My students are kinesthetic learners.  Magic tricks gets them up and moving and using hands-on learning. When they presented their tricks to the class, they demonstrated confidence and developed public speaking skills and critical thinking skills.  My Aspergers student was very humorous and did better than expected. Hocus Focus has many practical uses in the classroom and gets the kids excited about learning. They felt empowered to deliver presentations and learned some new tricks to teach their friends and family (improved social skills).”

-Special Education Teacher, Tulsa, OK


“Magic Camp” combines learning magic tricks with storytelling, music, theatre, and creative movement. Through the art of magic, “campers” explore their curiosity, develop their magical creativity, and discover new confidence. And when camp is over, the students perform a live magic show for family and friends that will surely baffle and amaze them!

Magic Camp is limited to 20 students (ages 8-14) and is held for two hours after school each day as part of a 5-day residency.


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