“There are few events more transformative in a school than the presentation by a visiting artist or artist-in-residence. I have rarely seen that fact more effectively on display than in Kevin’s workshop with teachers and students. Teachers were fully engaged, upbeat, hopeful – characteristics seldom seen among people whose every creative impulse is beaten down by paperwork and evaluation. As I watched the teachers’ delight in the experience, I was even ore excited to see the dawn of recognition – Kevin speaks their language! He is an inspired educator, extremely well organized and flexible.”

-Ellen Kimball, Athens, TN


“I have been able to review Mr. Spencer’s Hocus Focus curriculum, and I am impressed with the thorough, effective, and research-based nature of the lessons. A key feature is that this curriculum, and Mr. Spencer’s entire premise of using magic tricks to reach students with special needs, is one that reaches across both categorical and disciplinary bounds. It can be used in virtually any class  with any group of students. This is a rare thing in our field, and the value is immeasurable.”

Julie Emmons, M.Ed., School of Education, Elon University, NC


“I have never seen an education program more organized and more effective than Kevin Spencer’s. Every second of the class was utilized to teach something, but the atmosphere remained fun, safe and positive for the students: a remarkable balancing act. While the educational and skill building aspect of the class was hugely apparent to the teachers, the kids simply had fun. I was amazed at the impact this particular program had on the students in such a short time – and the teacher have all agreed. Kevin has a wonderful way with the students, and a truly sophisticated and worthwhile curriculum. I cannot have imagined a more beneficial program.”

-Natalie Hall, Education Coordinator, Carmel-by-the-Sea, CA


“The middle school theater class you spent time with has spread ‘magic fever’ throughout our building. The positive energy that was planted that day has grown exponentially ever since. You made the students feel empowered, special, confident, talented, and as if they were famous magicians themselves.”

-Meg Fuller, Lionsgate Academy, MN


“The magic workshop that Kevin put on for my students was phenomenal. The kids (and adults) were amazed at all of the tricks they could do. Watching my students try new things and not feel defeated was an awesome experience. I can see so many benefits for using these simple tricks with my students!  They will be willing to ‘work’ on the tricks over and over again while building fine motor skills as well as sequencing, problem solving, and processing.  My students don’t always get involved in assemblies, but this assembly was all about them – and the results I have already seen are nothing short of magical!”

-Kelly Olson, Life Skills Teacher, Riverside Elementary, KS


“Hocus Focus was a fabulous program for students that need to build their self-esteem. It was nice to see kids that stand back in the crowd taking center stage and performing the Hocus Focus tricks and doing it with confidence and smiles.”

-Karla Cunningham, SFA Reading Facilitator, Jane Phillips Elementary, OK


“The teaching of magic has many therapeutic benefits. Not only does it work on confidence and communication, but it also can be used to teach cognitive and motor skills. It is amazing that people will work hard to learn materials that are intrinsically motivating to them. So often people don’t realize that they are enhancing these skills because their primary goal is self-satisfaction and developing the skills to perform the magic. I have been amazed to watch children with ADHD or learning disabilities work slowly and carefully, following the necessary steps, because they want to get the trick or illusion correct.”

-Aubrey H. Fine, Licensed Psychologist, Professor, CAL Poly State University